Dear Ms. Arti,

Greetings from Apne Aap Women's Collective (AAWC) !

Thank you for making arrangements for our children for the dance performance 'Miracle on Wheels' by Ability Unlimited. 

Children enjoyed the show and were touched looking at the performer's spirit. 

AAWC appreciates your effort.

Warm Regards,
Namita Khatu
Centre Incharge
Apne Aap Women's Collective (AAWC)

Hi Arti

Thanks to you our NGO participated in the sports competition. Below are some pics of the event.

Thanks again


These are the NGO sports meet photos at the Priyadarshini Park on 3rd March 2014 - 25 NGO's participated for the first time - We won 8 medals - 3 gold 2 silver 3 bronze in different events- (Picture Shown) a great morale boost for the boys and girls(18 Senior children took part) Hip Hip Hurray


Dear Arti,

A heartfelt thanks for making the Christmas Party such a success. I think the children were happy and did enjoy themselves. I’ve attached a few press clipping that came out yesterday, we are hoping for some more today. I will send those to you along with a whole bunch of photographs that you may want to share with the kids, and also on your website. Really appreciate everything you did for us.

Much love

Rashna Bilimoria

Dear Arti,

Thank you for letting me know earlier today that DAG (Delhi Art Gallery) has agreed to send its catalogues to LAMO, we really appreciate this.  Our address in Leh is

» The LAMO Centre

» Below Leh Palace

» Old Town Leh

» P O Box No. 152

» Leh, Ladakh 194101

» J & K

There is only one courier company that works in Leh - I think it is Professionals but let me check that and get back to you on that. Please address it to Tashi Morup, his phone no is 09419178977. But please let me know when it is being sent so that I can let him know.

I would also like to thank you for putting me in touch with Pravina Mecklai of Jamaat Art Gallery, and Mallika Advani - both of them have donated their collection of art catalogues to the library at LAMO.

I really appreciate your continued support.

Best Wishes, Monisha.

Dr Monisha Ahmed
Executive Director, LAMO

Dear Arti,

Just to let you know that Minnie and i are meeting later today to buy the computer (a laptop is what I decided on as electricity frequently goes off in Leh and it would be good for us to have a laptop to use when this happens).  Thanks so much for making this happen.

Thanks also for the things yesterday.  I've told the Principal at the teacher training school about the Lego and she was really pleased.  We are trying to see if anyone from Tiss is coming to Leh and then I can send it up with them.  I will get a letter from her later acknowledging receipt. 


Dear Arti,

Wanted to thank you for this contact and to let you know that LAMO did submit a film.  It was on the environment/climate change and demonstrated how one person in Leh old town learnt from a disaster (the flood of 2010) and acted positively.  The organisers were very patient with us because internet wasn't working in Leh at that time and so we couldn't make our submission through that but had to send them a hard copy later.

Thanks once again and will let you know what the followup is after they have seen the film if you are interested. 

Please do continue to keep us in mind if anything you feel may be important for us come to you, we really appreciate it.

Best wishes, Monisha.

Thanks to you all for sending stuff for the WSD garage sale. We get a lot of people as you know and the money raised goes towards the work....

Thanks a lot.


Thank you so much for connecting us with Farzana. She has graciously donated three bookshelves to CHIP. We plan to use them at the BMC’s Sanyas Ashram School, Vile Parle for the Pre-Primary and Std. I classrooms. We are truly grateful for your kind gesture and assure you they will be well utilised and well maintained.


Thanking you,

Novela Corda
CEO – CHIP Mumbai

Liz, Sunil and all of us at Muktangan thank you for arranging to donate in kind books and toys today. All of these will greatly benefit our children and add to their enjoyment, apart from enhancing their knowledge and learning.

We are touched by your continuous support for Muktangan and feel confident that we will continue to receive your support in every possible way in the future too.

Thanking you once again,

Yours sincerely,

(Secretary to Sunil Mehta)

Dear Arti, 

Thanks for your cooperation and all the help with the groups. It was a thorough pleasure for us too working with the children. 

We look forward to doing more and more activities with you in future.....

We look forward to our continued association. 

With regards,

Bilwa Kulkarni

Education Officer

Dear Arti, Alison and Charles,

Greetings from CHIP, Mumbai!

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the water purifier that was presented to us has finally been installed and is being used by the children in school. The children will now have access to safe drinking water throughout the year thanks to your efforts.

We would like to thank all of you for making this possible. We really appreciate your support.

Please find attached with this mail, photos of the Inauguration Ceremony we had organized earlier today. Thank you once again for everything and we look forward to your continued support. We invite you to come visit us at our schools and we promise to keep in touch regarding our future programs.

We wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors

Warm Regards

Hi Arti,

I hope this finds you and your family doing well! I just wanted to share with you my most recent press for the I AM: International Foundation in the Wall Street Journal. The fun part is that Faez (from CHIP) is one of the featured images! I hope there is a way to pass the article along to CHIP so they can take a look. The article ran online as well as in print.

Wishing Well has always been an integral part of our growth as an organization over the years. It has always been a pleasure working with you and we would like to wish Wishing Well the best of luck in all their future endeavours! Thank you Wishing Well!

All the very best to you!

Hi Arti,

On behalf of all of us, I would like to thank you for cordinating yet another fantastic workshop for our children. I heard the workshop went off really well and the kids had a fantastic time.

It is due to your efforts and generosity our children have always had such wonderful opportunities to learn and get exposed to various things. Thanks once again for coordinating the workshop and giving us this opportunity

Warm Regards

Thank you Wishing Well!

CHIP would like to thank Wishing Well for their continued support over the years. Wishing well has assisted CHIP in many of its initiatives like the Balwadi Program, the School Enrichment Program and the After School program. Wishing well has contributed towards these programs by assisting with the setting up of these programs and also by providing books, toys, materials and other resources required for the smooth functioning of these programs. Chip has also received assistance during important events like the Career Fair and the Summer Camp which are held annually. Apart from the CHIP programs and events, Wishing Well has also been key in procuring skilled volunteers and donors who have had a significant impact on the organization.

They have always been an integral part of our growth as an organization over the years. It has always been a pleasure working with Wishing Well and we would like to wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavours! Thank you Wishing Well!

Novela Corda

In the path-breaking effort launched by BCPT to teach English, in existing Vernacular Schools, using existing Teachers, during the existing school-periods assigned for this subject, it has been a source of strength to have your support. Scientifically designed & colourfully animated DVDs custom-made to teach the prescribed curriculum, are given free to these free (or low-tuition-fee) schools which cater to children from the poor strata, and for this we need financial and managerial support from socially-conscious organisations like yours.

Thank you for introducing us to CHIP, Bal Jeevan Trust and several others who are now using the DVDs to teach the Primary children in their Institutions. Thank you also for your continuing support in trying to help us find Donors, Educationists, & volunteers. The fine success achieved so far is substantially thanks to the help & support we continue to receive from dedicated persons like you. Please do keep up the great work. Bombay Community Public Trust

Nariman Point, Mumbai

Dear Arti

Thank you for connecting i-Probono with Wishing Well's contacts in the NGO sector. This has been enormously helpful as it will allow us to bring engage with more civil society organisations whom we can assist. Your network is clearly made up of high calibre organisations and individuals -- as we are growing our base in India it's good to start with the leaders in the field!  We are pleased to partner with Wishing Well and look forward to working together in the future.

Best wishes



Vakil, is a dedicated philanthropist, a committed individual with a high quotient of social conscience, and a progressive thinker who is constantly pairing up organisations with a common vision of transformation within the society. For Art1st Foundation, she was the window through which we deepened our understanding of the children at the Municipal schools supported by CHIP and rag pickers children at Baal Jeevan through our art education program. She supported our innovative Partner a Master Program and one of her students, Michael, from Apun Ka Club, worked very hard to develop his own ideology and a visual philosophy with the help of our accomplished artists.

Ritu Khoda
Founder, Art1st Foundation

Dear Arti,

I am writing to confirm that we have worked together in very fruitful collaborative projects together during the past year.  We have jointly organized two children's workshops on art, working with NGOs that provide programming for kids who don't have access to art education. I am very much looking forward to organizing two more of them with you for our first year's program! 

Sincerely yours,
Susan Hapgood

Dear Arti

On behalf of ArtOxygen and Asia Art Projects, we would like to thank you for your continued effort, support and belief in [en]counters - powerPLAY. 

It has been an intense and engaging challenge, an enriching and fulfilling experience...we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

We are working on editing the documentation, which will be made available soon. As the Romans used to say, semper ad maiora!

Warmest regards.

Dear Arshan,

A big ‘Thank you’ to you for helping us with the lovely children’s book, toys & food stuff for the children of our Centre & School. It has come in immense use for our children who come from economically backward strata of society.

We look forward to our association with you & wish you the very best for the good work you are doing.

With best wishes,

Vahishtai Daboo,
Executive Director

When we hosted the children for our production of The Magic Of Christmas at The Comedy Store on December 24, 2012, we were overwhelmed by the love and affection the kids showered on us for putting on the play for them. Their polite behaviour and gracious demeanour was noteworthy before, during and after the show. We are so grateful for the work your organization does for these children who in turn will go out and make this a better society. We would love to work again and again with you all."

Kaizaad Kotwal,
producer director Poor -Box Productions.

Dear friends,

I am writing to you on behalf of AAWC (Apne Aap Women’s Collective). Since 1998, AAWC is working in Falkland Road & Kamathipura (Red light area located in South Mumbai, India) to provide a caring and supportive platform of wholesome services for a better quality of life for women and children in flesh trade.

So far we have worked with over 1400 women, 600 girls and 300 toddlers. One of our main goals is to prevent trafficking of second generation or intergenerational cycle of prostitution.

I hereby, pleased to share that we have been associated with Mrs Arti Vakil and Wishing well …… organisation from last 8 years. Since then she is passionately supporting AAWC with her dedicated efforts. She has always provided ample of opportunities for our beneficiaries girls to explore and have an excellent formal and non formal education. Thus as a result girls can have improved personality to thrive to accomplish their goals in life.. Arranging special educational excursions or job placements for the girls are just a phone call away from Arti. She always makes sure to bring in every kind of help whether it is cash or kind for holistic development of these girls.

Her support and encouragement always helped AAWC in improving and sustaining the services for a better social change in these girl’s life so they can help their mothers exit prostitution to live a life of dignity, as well as ensure a better life for their own future children.

My best wishes for all her good work! Should you require further information, please feel free to email me on:

Warm regards,
Manju Vyas
Apne Aap Women’s Collective (AAWC)

Thank you for supporting our cause with the many collection drives and the regular donation of clothes, books, furniture, Arte facts etc.All the donations help us raise the much needed funds to aid the medical expenses of needy patients

Neeru Jadeja
Chetana Foundation

Riva runs a fantastic operation. For several years now I have contributed knowing that the recipients are treated wuith the utmost care.That makes all the difference.Way to Go !

Tushna Kapadia.

Dear Arti

Liz, I and all of us at Muktangan thank you very much for your ongoing support to us over the years and the generous contributions you have been making for Muktangan in cash and also frequently in kind. We are so grateful to receive from you, as well as through you, a huge number of books – story, poetry, jokes, Encyclopedias and textbooks, as well as toys, videos games and puzzles all of which will greatly benefit our children and add to their enjoyment, apart from enhancing their knowledge and learning.

Muktangan, as you well know, works with children coming from the marginalized sections of society in Worli and Parel areas of Mumbai, offering them low-cost, high-quality child-centered education in our 7 English-medium municipal schools. Muktangan also trains women from the same community as teachers to teach these children, as well as provides these women with career opportunities. So your contributions are most useful for the enrichment of our children and teachers and we thank you for always thinking of us.

We are deeply touched by your ardent and consistent support for Muktangan and feel confident that we will continue to receive your support in every possible way in the future too.

Thanking you once again,

Yours sincerely,
Sunil Mehta,
Managing Trustee

CHIP has been the grateful recipient of toys, children's books, art material, computers, cupboards and classroom furniture that has benefited hundreds of children studying in BMC schools. All of us at CHIP are extremely grateful to Wishing Well for organizing these donations for us. Its been great working with you over the last 2 years. Thank you, thank you Wishing Well.

I have been giving all our clothes, toys , books and all household stuff to Riva and Arti for the past 4 years and will continue to do so only with them.

They sit and sort through everything and give it to places that truly need it. They know which these places are because they have personally vetted and visited and are associated with every place they give to.

I am humbled with their dedication, patience and perseverance and will always be there to help them in whichever way possible or needed.

Farzana Thakore.

Dear Arti

I want to thank you for the wonderful gifts that you brought for WIT and also for the selfless services of your man Friday(sorry i dont know his name) who so deftly packed all the gifts into beautiful packages.  Thank you ever so much for this!!


Wishing well would like to thank the following people for their overwhelming support:

1. Maneck Davar, Viraf Hansotia and the team at Spenta Multimedia - for this website and helping us to dream big.

2. Shirin Neterwala - For designing our logo and our campaigns and for always being there

3. Ms. Roshan Curmally and West Wind Nursery School - for starting us off on our journey

4. Ms. Khushie Curmally for her generosity and continuous support.

5. Ms Riva Jhunjhunwala for arranging endless donations

And our many many donors without whom we could not do our work.