In 2005, we started a mobile library of books for children. Our book collection drive was very successful. Whilst collecting books we found people did not know what to do or how to donate things which they could not use. Many donors were interested in finding out more about the organisations we were working with. Others were keen to volunteer their time. Project WishingWell was thus born.
In a city like Mumbai there are thousands of organisations but it is not always easy to donate your time or your possessions to a cause which you can relate to. There are many resources available but organisations are unaware of them. Similarly there are several organisations doing wonderful work but their needs are not clear nor do they have the manpower to sort out donations, or find the right resource person, volunteer or donor. Wishingwell is an attempt to bridge this gap by matching volunteers, services and donations with the needs of NGOs.

Our philosophy is Share and Care!

Connecting is the name of the game!
What We Do

1.  We sort out all the goods received.

2. a) Clothes are sorted out according to size, gender and type, then washed and ironed.

    b) Clothes not suitable to donate are sold to a vendor and the money donated to an organisation. (It is our fervent request NOT to include such clothes in your donation.)

    c) High-end clothes are separated and given to organisations conducting garage sales.

3. Toys are sorted out to ensure that complete and age appropriate toys are sent to organisations.

4. Books are sorted out according to language and suitability. E.g. novels and reference books are sent to a library. Recently we received about 900 rare Marathi books. The donor had no idea what to do with them and was planning to sell them as waste material. We were able to have them donated to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The library was delighted as many of the books were rare out-of-print copies.

5. Electronic goods are checked to ensure that they are in working condition.

6. Household goods are sorted out and sent to organisations who hold garage sales or those that may have use for the particular items. Recently we had a donation of kitchen cabinets. The donor was getting next to nothing whilst selling them to the vendor. These were sent to the CHIP Balwadis and they are being used as cupboards to store their toys.

Garage sales enable a section of society who receives no help to get an opportunity to own items which they could never dream of having. At present our donations are sent to WSD, Chetana Foundation and Indus - Festival of Charities. These organisations hold regular sales.


We try and find a suitable fit which works for you and the organisation.

Similarly, if you have a service that you can provide we will endeavour to find an organisation that can benefit from it.



In keeping with our philosophy that we are all in it to help Be the Change, we share information on events, workshops, financial schemes and other information that we receive.






Please send us an e-mail with the following details:

1.  A description of the goods you wish to have. This can be anything from clothes to computers.

2. Contact details

3. If you are looking for volunteers, resource people or any particular service please specify the exact nature of work entailed, the number of hours and the location of the centre.

4. Your wish list will be set up on our site.


Donors can send us a mail with a description of the goods they wish to donate. These can be collected by us if you are located between Jogeshwari and Colaba. Official receipts will be sent to you.


If you wish to volunteer, share a skill or provide a service please specify your preferred choice of work. Click here to Volunteer Now..



If you are interested in organizing a collection drive, contact us, we can help you select an NGO.

NGOS that need help contact us and let us assist you organise the collection.



Navruz Vakil- Director

Navruz Vakil has completed his Bachelor of Laws degree from Government Law College, Mumbai and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. He currently works as an Associate at AZB & Partners in Mumbai. He is also the co-founder of Project Vahana.


Arshan Vakil, Co-Founder

Arshan Vakil co-founded a mobile library for sex workers children which grew into Wishing Well. He has completed a dual degree with a Bachelors of Economics from the Wharton School and a Bachelors of Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science. On moving back to India he co-founded Project Vahana, a mentoring initiative to help under served adults enhance their career prospects. He is also the co-founder of Kings Learning, an employability focused organisation working towards enhancing the employability of students in India.


Zahra Vakil, Co-Founder

Zahra  Vakil co- founded Wishing Well whilst a student at Cathedral & John Connon School.,Mumbai .In High School she was Head Girl and the President of the Interact Club. She currently is an under graduate at Harvard University


Riva Jhunjhunwala, Director

Riva Jhunjhunwala graduated from HR College of Commerce and Economics. She then joined the advertising industry as a Production Designer styling numerous commercials.


Arti Vakil, Director

Arti Vakil is a solicitor and practiced law for several years before entering the development field in 1990. She is involved with several non profits and is on the board of The Happy Home and School for the Blind, The Education Audiology & Research Society and the Bal Jeevan Trust. She also serves as a Project Director of Apun Ka Club and Project Vahana and is on the advisory board of Victory Arts Foundation.