Wishingwell partnered with CHIP Mumbai and organised and implemented the following programs in the municipal schools that CHIP works with in North Mumbai:

  • The Bal Wadi Program – This program was initiated by us in collaboration with CHIP. An experienced teacher, Mrs. Bela Bhasin, set the curriculum. Regular workshops were held to ensure that the teachers were following the curriculum and to review the teaching methodology. The donation of many toys, books and other equipment from our generous donors have been used in the classrooms and by the children. The program is now followed in 7 schools. The teachers observed classes at West Wind Nursery in order to further enhance their teaching skills.
  • To ensure that the children continued to get quality education, The Std 1 and Std 2 Enrichment Programs were developed by Mrs. Bhasin. These program have now been implemented in 5 schools. Regular workshops continue to be held to assist the teachers.
  • The Art Program in association with Arts 1st Foundation was introduced at the CHIP schools. A trained artist conducts weekly classes to ensure that the creative instincts of the children can develop. The Art Program is conducted for Std 1 & 2 children in 5 schools. Art 1st also arranged a training program for the CHIP teachers at IIT Mumbai.
  • A Career Festival for the senior children ensured that the senior children were given some guidance as to the options available to them after Std 10.
  • A trip to the Premier Automobiles Factory in Pimpri, Pune provided the children an insight of the working of a factory.
  • The After School Program and Summer and Diwali Camps The After School Program as well as the Summer and Diwali Camps were conceptualised in collaboration with us. A new approach was developed and implemented for the camps. Under the new structure children were required to choose one physical and one creative activity. They were then given intensive training in their chosen field of interest during the camps. This experiment was done to try and hone in on the particular skills and interests of the child so that they could continue with the activities during the year. This approach was very successful and accordingly the children have been pursuing the activities of their choice.
  • Sports Program. Keeping in mind the need for a good sports program, we also initiated and helped CHIP start a sports program in the Chip schools. Judo classes are held regularly for children studying in Stds 5-7. Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors a basket ball court was set up and the children of Stds 3 & 4 now have a coach teaching them basket ball too. A table tennis table has also been provided.
  • The donation of computers for setting up of a computer Lab.
  • Marketing CHIP greeting cards.
  • Several workshops and events in which CHIP participated.


  • The crew of HMS Daring spent the day at one of the schools affiliated to CHIP. The crew helped re- vamp the play ground and also painted the class rooms. A water purifier and cooler donated by the crew are now installed in the school and the children are able to have cold safe drinking water. The children who participated in this event were invited to spend a wonderful morning on board the HMS DARING.

Our collaboration with Chip has been extremely stimulating and we hope that Chip has gained as much as we have from our association. We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Bela Bhasin, West Wind Nursery, Mrs Rohita Doshi and the Lalchand Hirachand Premier Trust for their invaluable advice and support.